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Managing Teams User Linking

Before your Teams users can make and receive calls, they first need to be linked to an extension (Hybrid PBX) or a phone number (Direct Routing).

Changes to Teams user linking may take up to 4 hours to replicate. If you haven't seen your changes apply, you may need to sign out and back in to your Microsoft Teams App.

To show the relevant instructions, click your Teams Integration type:

Hybrid PBX

Hybrid PBX

Reviewing Users

You can quickly see which of your PBX extensions are linked to a Microsoft Teams user by logging into and selecting PBX Extensions

Hovering over the Teams icon will display which Teams user is linked to the extension.

Linking a User

When using Hybrid PBX, your Teams users are linked to a PBX Extension.

Note that, while connected to a Teams user, the extension can not be used on any other device (eg. non-Teams deskphones)

Login to and select PBX Extensions, then locate the extension you wish to link and click Edit.

Select your desired user from the Microsoft Teams User dropdown, then click Update Extension

De-Linking a User

To remove a Teams user's link with a PBX extension, choose PBX Extensions, locate their PBX extension and click Edit. From the Assign Teams User dropdown, select either another user or not assigned depending on your requirement, then click Update Extension.

Note: A delinked user will no longer be able to make or receive phone calls, unless re-linked.

Direct Routing

Direct Routing (SIP Trunking)

When using Direct Routing, each Teams user that need to make/receive phone calls is assigned a phone number.

To assign the user's number:

Login to and select Number Routing.

Edit the phone number you wish to link to your Teams user or Teams Resource Account (for Queues, IVRs) and, in the Route To field expand Teams Users and select the desired user.

De-linking a User

To remove a user's link with a phone number, select Number Routing, locate the user's phone number and select a destination other than the Teams user.

Note: A delinked user will no longer be able to make or received phone calls, unless re-linked.

Teams User/s Are Missing

If you're not seeing all your users when attempting to link them, there may be a few reasons:

  1. The user is already linked to another phone number or PBX extension. De-link them from the original extension first, then retry.
  2. If your Teams user was only recently added or licensed, it make take up to 15 minutes before Microsoft reflect the changes. You may need to refresh your available users, per the below.
  3. Your user may not have the appropriate licensing. To see compatible licensing types, see Microsoft Teams Integration Licensing Requirements. Once licensed, you may need to refresh your available users per the below.

Refreshing Your Available Teams Users

If you have added, removed or licensed additional Teams users, we may need to retrieve an updated user list from Microsoft. To do so:

Hybrid PBX: Select Hosted PBX > Apps and Integrations, then Microsoft Teams, and click Refresh Teams Users

Direct Routing: Select Other Services > Apps and Integrations, then Microsoft Teams, and click Refresh Teams Users

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