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Support Centre Troubleshooting Articles Can't Receive Incoming Calls

Can't Receive Incoming Calls

Help! I'm not receiving any incoming calls. My phone number is not working!

  1. Is your phone on DND? Do not disturb automatically blocks incoming calls. Press the DND Button on your handset to toggle it on/off.
  2. Check your Call History or Recent Calls on the Dashboard. Can you see Incoming calls appearing but the phone isn't ringing? Your VoIP Phone may not be online - Turn your router off and on again, and turn your VoIP handset off and on again.
  3. Check the Number Routing page in the My Account portal. This page controls how your inbound calls are handled. Click EDIT to select a new destination for incoming calls received on that number. See: Portal Guide - Number Routing
  4. You may wish to enable a temporary divert to your mobile to ensure you're still receiving calls while working through the issue. To do so, please refer to Setting up a Mobile Divert

Contact Support on 1800 12 12 10 or Submit a ticket online if the issue continues.
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