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Support Centre Frequently Asked Questions How do I Use My Yealink Handset?

How do I Use My Yealink Handset?

Yealink Phone Basic Operations

This page lists the most common operations performed on a Yealink handset. As this guide reflects multiple models, you may find some of the keys are not present - in these cases, please use one of the other methods listed.

'Soft keys' are the keys just below the screen on most models, which can change based on the phone's state. To use these, press the physical button below the screen that corresponds to the action listed at the bottom of the phone's screen.

Placing A Call

To place an outgoing call from your phone, pick up the handset, enter the phone number you wish to dial, then press either , or the Send key below the screen. For example:

- Pick up handset, dial 0212345678

- Pick up handset, dial 0212345678#

- Pick up handset, dial 0212345678(Send)

If you would like to have the call on speakerphone, do not pick up the handset first. The call will automatically be routed to the speaker. You can manually put the call on speaker at any time by pressing .

If you're using a headset, enable headset mode by pressing

When you're ready to hang up the call, simply hang up the handset, or push the 'EndCall' softkey

Answering a Call

Incoming calls to your phone will both ring and display the incoming call on the phone's display. To answer the call, simply pick up the handset.

To answer the call on speakerphone, instead of picking up the handset, tap

If you have a headset connected, ensure you're in headset mode by checking if the key is illuminated and if it's not, press the key to enable headset mode. Press the answer button on your headset (if available), or tap the 'Answer' softkey to pick up the call.

Hold and Retrieve

While on an active call, you can place the caller on hold to handle another call, or otherwise pause the conversation. To do so, press the 'Hold' soft key or the button. The call will be placed on hold, and the held icon will show on the phone's screen.

To resume a held call, use the or buttons to highlight the call, then press the 'Resume' soft key or button.

Handling Multiple Calls

If you're on a call, and another call comes in, you can tap the 'Answer' softkey to put the first caller on hold and connect you to the second caller.

To return to the original caller, end the second call or place it on hold, then use the or keys to select the original call, the press the 'Resume' softkey.

Transferring Calls

A call in progress can be transferred to another person if required. There are two types of transfer:

- Blind: A blind transfer simply passes a call from your phone to the target extension

- Attended: An attended transfer will first connect you to the target extension, so you can introduce the call. Once you're ready, the call is transferred.

To initiate a transfer, while a call is in progress, press the 'Transfer' soft key or the button.

Blind Transfer: To perform a blind transfer, enter the target number then press either or the 'Transfer' soft key.

Attended Transfer: To perform an attended transfer, press the 'Transfer' soft key or the button. Enter the target number and press , or the 'Send' soft key. Introduce the call to the target party and, when you're ready to hand off the call, press the 'Transfer' soft key or the button.

If you need to return to the original caller without transferring, hang up the call to the transfer target and take the original caller off hold.

Additional Information

For more detailed information on your phones functions, please refer to the manual that your phone came with, or refer to the Yealink Download Page, select your phone, then choose the 'Phone User Guide' in the User Documents section.

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