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Support Centre Signup Questions Activation Help - Credit Card Charge Amounts

Activation Help - Credit Card Charge Amounts

We apply two small pre-authorisation hold amounts to verify your payment method.

What is this for?

When you sign up with MaxoTel, we apply two small pre-authorisation amounts to the credit card that you provide on the signup page. This is done as a security measure to protect both our customers and MaxoTel against fraudulent credit card transactions.

Since we operate primarily as an online business, we have to take these precautions to ensure that anyone signing up with us is the owner of the credit card provided for the account.

Where do I find the pre-authorisation hold amounts?

There are three ways to obtain the amounts:

  • Check your internet banking - this is the preferred way. The amounts should show as a "Pending Transaction" on your credit card account.
  • Call your bank - the phone number for your credit card's service center should be printed on the back of the card.
  • Check your statement - if you receive your credit card statements via e-mail or post, you can confirm the amounts on here

Help finding the transaction amounts:

Activation Troubleshooting - Credit Card Charge Amounts with ANZ

Activation Troubleshooting - Credit Card Charge Amounts with Commonwealth

When will my money be refunded?

As the amounts are a pre-authorisation hold only, we never actually charge these amounts, which means no refunds are required. These pre-authorisation hold amounts are used for security verification purposes only.

These pre-authorisation hold amounts may be visible on your account for up to a week before they are removed. Please check your account before this time because if you do not see the hold amounts before they expire, you will need to start the credit card verification process again. However, this may lower your 'available balance' during the time that this pre-authorisation hold is in place. If you believe you have missed these amounts and need to restart this process, please contact support.

Can I receive a tax invoice?

As these amounts are pre-authorisation hold amounts only, no funds actually leave your account. We are unable to provide a tax invoice for these pre-authorisation hold amounts.

I don't have the amounts - can I still sign up?

Unfortunately we are unable to activate any accounts that have not completed the credit card verification process.

We're happy to assist with the activation process over the phone, but keep in mind that we will need the amounts in order to complete the activation.

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