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Before you begin, ensure you have an available extension on your service. To create an extension in your MaxoTel account, login to , click on PBX Extensions, and then Add Extension (If you are using a SIP Trunking or Residential Account, click on SIP Trunks, and then Add Extension). Once the extension has been created, click Edit to show the extension's detail. When configuring the softphone, ensure you use the Register Username (not the shortened Extension Number) and the Password of the Extension you've created:

So we can provide you accurate instructions, please select your Bria/X-Lite version below.

 Bria Solo

To configure your Bria Solo phone, first signup for an account with Counterpath and select your plan, or login to your existing account.

Once logged in, select Set Up a Voice Account

Select Configure SIP Settings

Copy the details from your extension to the configuration page, as below:

Domain: SIP Proxy (eg. or

SIP Username: Register Username

Authentication Username: Register Username

SIP/Voice Password: Extension Password

Call Display: Your Name (Optional)

Once done, click Configure Service Settings

Set the service settings details as below, copying the SIP Proxy from your extension's details.

SIP Proxy: SIP Proxy (eg. or

Registration Time: Re-Register Interval

Rport: Disabled

Keep Alive: Enabled

Voicemail Number: 50002

Once done, click Download a Client App to download the actual Bria application. When it launches, sign in using your Counterpath username and password, which will automatically configure your softphone.

 Bria Teams

To configure your Bria Teams phone, first sign up for or log into an existing account on the Counterpath wesbsite

If you're new to Bria, proceed through the account setup and team invitations, then at the Download Apps page, choose Set up a voice service

If you've been using Bria Teams previously, choose Voice and Video, then click the Add Voice Servers and Services button

Select the Configure SIP Settings button from the presented options

On the New Voice Configuration prompt, set the following, copying the SIP Proxy from the Configure Extension box (this will normally be either or )

Domain: SIP Proxy (normally or )

SIP Proxy: SIP Proxy (normally or )

Transport: UDP

Registration Time: 120

RPORT: Disabled

Voicemail Number: 50002

This voice service requires and authorization username for each voice account: Yes

Once set, choose Assign Voice Accounts. For each team member you invited, click the button, then enter the credentials, copying Register Username and Password from the Configure Extension box.

Sip Username/Call Extension: Register Username

Authorization Username: Register Username

SIP/Voice Password: Password

Once all your team member's credentials have been added, choose Save and Close. You can now download the client apps and have each user login with their team member email/password.

 X-Lite / Legacy Bria

To configure X-Lite/Bria to your MaxoTel account, first download and install the program. Run the application and Click ‘Softphone’ then choose ‘Account Settings’


Here you will place your Extension information and the SIP Server ( for Residential and Sip Trunk accounts, and for Hosted PBX accounts) as per the below screenshot shows:

Now click on the ‘Advanced’ tab at the top right. Change the “Register Every” to 120 Seconds. Now Click ‘OK’ at the bottom.

 If you have any troubles making and receiving calls from here on in, please give MaxoTel a call on 1800 12 12 10.