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Account Cancellation

In accordance with the telecommunications consumer protection code, only the verified Account Holder can close the account.

Rental Accounts

Please see your rental terms for information relating to the cancellation of rental services. You may be required to give a minimum notice period, charges will continue until items are returned, and fees & charges will apply if items are not returned in their original condition (subject to allowable wear and tear). Contact MaxoTel support for further information.

For non-rental accounts, lodge your account cancellation request on the day that you would like the account closed - we cannot schedule your request for a later date.

There are three ways to cancel the account - in all cases, the request must be made in writing:

  1. The fastest and easiest way is to log into the My Account Portal. Click Support & Feedback > Submit a Ticket > Type: Account Support > Message: "Please close my account immediately and disconnect all services."
  2. Or send an email to support from the registered Account Holder's email address with subject "Account Cancellation" and Message "Please close my account immediately and disconnect all services."
  3. Or if you do not have access to the Account and email address, then we may require you to send us a letter on your company letterhead. Contact Support for more information.

If you have a credit balance, you can ask for a refund (see Refund Policy). If you have any outstanding charges, these will be invoiced within 30 days and are payable on receipt of the invoice.

Thank you for using MaxoTel, and we hope to see you again someday.

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