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Extended Opening Hours in all Australian Timezones

Published Jul 20, 2021

We have expanded our operations in WA to give our customers full business hours coverage in every state.

What does this mean for you?
It means better support when you need it, in any state in Australia (and soon, New Zealand!)

In addition to our extensive support centre and easy to use My Account portal, our helpful team is now available for longer to ensure that you get an answer to your question.

How long does it take to speak to a real person if I need help?
It takes just 10 seconds on average for your call to be answered (Based on May/June 2021 Stats), and on the odd occasion that our team is flat-out, 99% of calls are still answered in under a minute.

We are proud to have an emphasis on great customer service from knowledgeable technicians to resolve your enquiry in just one call.

Need assistance? Just call 1800 12 12 10 to speak to us.

AreaRegular Opening HoursDST Opening Hours
NSW/VIC/TAS9am-7pm9am-8pm DST
SA8.30am-6.30pm9am-7.30pm DST

Would you like to speak to our Australian Sales team about our phone system plans?
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