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Introducing Virtual Mobile Numbers with two-way SMS and inbound call capability

Published Jan 18, 2020

Maxotel continues to innovate with their latest feature release, empowering businesses of all sizes to better connect with their existing and potential customers. The introduction of Virtual Mobile Numbers has seen rapid take-up, including the selling-out of the initial batch and overwhelmingly positive feedback from users.

What is a Virtual Mobile Number?

Just like a regular 04XXXXXXXX number, a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) is a cloud-hosted phone number enabling you to make and receive calls on one or many VoIP Phones. A VMN is also capable of sending and receiving text messages.

Real-time communication and feedback for bookings, sales and customer support

Reach the generation that's glued to to their smart-phone to confirm bookings, increase sales, and provide a direct line of customer service and support. SMS is the fastest and most reliable way to get a response from a customer, and for a customer that's seeking a response from you!

Outbound calling: Appear as an Individual

Give your business a personal touch, hand out your virtual mobile number to clients, and present an 04XXXXXXXX mobile number when making calls to increase the likelihood of the recipient answering your call.

Running off your mobile, and wanting to expand your business?

It is now possible for single operators and small businesses that had a publicly advertised mobile number to expand their business. Customers can continue to call the number with calls and SMS messages being delivered to multiple destinations as configured in your Hosted PBX. Receive messages to multiple email addresses, and to the online SMS Inbox.

Can I convert (transfer) my mobile number to a Virtual Mobile Number with MaxoTel?

Yes! You can port your existing mobile number to MaxoTel. You can also transfer it back to a SIM card with another provider at any time. Check the number porting FAQ for details.

How many calls can I make/receive at once?

Voice calls to Virtual Mobile Numbers can be routed the same way as any standard phone number on your account, allowing it to leverage all the features of your Hosted PBX including all of your Hosted PBX calls. Note that callers dialling your VMN are still charged at the regular rate for dialling a mobile number. There is no additional charge for you to receive calls.


Australian Virtual Mobile Numbers are available from just $14.95/month. Outbound phone calls and SMS are charged at the regular Hosted PBX or SIP Trunking rate. Check here for full pricing.

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About MaxoTel
Maxo Telecommunications continues to pioneer the Hosted PBX and VoIP Industry with their advancements in features that customers are requesting, features that are designed to make business operations more effective and streamlined. To find out more about the Virtual Mobile Number and how it can be integrated into your Maxo Hosted PBX, please contact the helpful team at Maxotel.

Add one or more SMS Inboxes, and have multiple email addresses to receive and respond to text messages, with new features and improvements added each month. How to add a Virtual Mobile Number.

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