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MaxoTel announces Groovy new Brand Refresh

Published Mar 31, 2021

MaxoTel celebrates its 13-year anniversary with an update its CEO calls a "Game Changer" for the industry.

By award winning designer Arty Fischel, MaxoTel's new brand boasts a lovable 70's themed re-imagining of our website and portal, complete with new Logo and IVR.

Arty's design team, consisting of design veterans Don Keigh and Dinah Mite created the simple-yet-complex-yet-simple visuals in record time. "Our cut-through design speaks from the heart, and customers will be able to connect with the themes reminiscent of their own upbringing". The design has been welcomed by customers and staff alike.

Clearly chuffed with end result, Alex Rich of MaxoTel remarked "This is a Game Changer for us and our industry as a whole!". MaxoTel's entire team celebrated on Wednesday after the unveiling for the launch of the new brand.

Call 1800 12 12 10 to chat to a Groovy team member today!

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Updated 1/4 - Obviously satire! We hope you enjoyed the temporary 70's Themed, Austin Powers-inspired getup, and we look forward to returning to our usual professional selves when we return after the Easter break!

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