MaxoTel Launches Its New Feature Forum

Published Apr 8, 2019

Maxotel is excited to announce the launch of their New Feature Forum, a new way for their customers and partners to submit requests for new features of the already industry leading MaxoTel Hosted PBX product. MaxoTel gets feature requests every day, and making sure we're providing the products that our customers want is a key focus for us, As a result, we have launched our new Feature Forum to help capture these requests and enable customers to share their ideas with us, as well as the extended MaxoTel community. As our roadmap progresses, we'll be integrating requests from the feature forum on a regular basis.

The process involves customers submitting a new feature request, then other customers can vote for the features they would like to see introduced. The feature requests with the most votes are then given the highest priority and assigned to the development team to be included in the Maxo Hosted PBX software development process.

The success of this introduction of the New Feature Forum has already yielded the introduction of some new features, such as Smart Call Confirm, Voicemail Transcription, Main Number Callback, Ta-da ("No More Phone Tag") and many other features that are still to be released over the coming months. One of the most highly anticipated new releases is Virtual Mobile Numbers, this will allow for SMS and Voice using the supplied virtual mobile numbers.

Maxo Telecommunications Managing Director, Alex Rich was quoted saying that, "A key part of our success is that we actively listen to our customers and the Feature Forum is going to enable us to even better understand what's important to our customers. Many of the unique features of our products are based on customer feedback, and are part of what makes our Hosted PBX a true industry leader."

There are features that currently exist on the MaxoTel Hosted PBX that are not available with any other providers and so many more features already earmarked for future releases. You can learn more about our features in our knowledge base.

At present, MaxoTel is at the top of its game and has no plans to relinquish its position as an industry leader in the voip and hosted pbx industry any time soon. They are and will continue to demonstrate new technological innovations and target companies looking to increase their competitive edge.