What is a Hosted PBX

Published Sep 19, 2018

MaxoTel Hosted PBX

A hosted or virtual PBX is a business phones system that allows your company's phone system to be hosted offsite, generally in a data centre. VoIP or voice over internet protocol is configured to a hosted PBX and provides the ability to initiate and receive calls. VoIP delivers voice and video communications over the internet or a private network. As opposed to communicating via traditional telephone cables that were rigid and were not able to be relocated with ease, a hosted PBX with VoIP is flexible, allowing calls to be routed all over the world and for businesses to have extensions in multiple office locations.

Benefits Of Hosted PBX

Whether you are a new start-up business, an established business looking to cut costs or a company that is expanding across multiple sites, a hosted PBX can offer a multitude of benefits including:

  • Cost Efficiency

    A hosted PBX system can be fully customised to suit many businesses and allows them to take advantage of the many features available. Traditional PBX systems are renowned for their expensive setup costs. These systems were typically only utilised by large corporations due to the costly ongoing maintenance required. However, a hosted PBX can do away with much of the upfront costs, and are offered on a simple per extension rate in most cases, generally all that's required is a supported VoIP enabled phone, and your service provider will take care of the rest.

  • Flexible hours and remote offices

    More businesses are embracing flexible work hours for their employees and are saving money on office space, by utilising a hosted PBX. Essentially, by introducing a hosted PBX, it enables employees to work almost anywhere and is perfect for remote workers and branch offices.

  • Easy setup and scalability

    Service providers can offer a holistic service, from the provisioning of VoIP phones to providing a hosted PBX with management. Growing companies can take full advantage of business hosted PBX, by easily adding more lines and extensions to suit their growing business and staffing requirements.

  • Improved corporate image

    Small businesses can take advantage of the features of a hosted PBX and give their customers the impression of being a much larger company for marketing purposes and from a customer service point of view with features like Automated Attendant. This feature and others can instil consumer confidence and improves sales for businesses of any size.

  • Reliability

    Every company needs a backup plan in case of emergency or an outage, and a hosted PBX offers the kind of security that will put your mind at ease. Hosted PBX's are housed in a secure data centre, this allows the addition of increased redundancy and helps disaster-proof your business. Unlike traditional telephone lines that are terminated to a single location, virtual PBX systems can be accessed from multiple sites and even offer the option of rerouting calls for a site that is offline or closed to another branch. In case of an outage, a disaster management plan ensures that services are transferred to an alternative site. The hosted PBX system remains online and continues to handle calls even in the event of a disaster.

Hosted PBX Service Providers Hold The Recipe For Success.

Hosted PBX's have replaced traditional telephony ideals and changed the way many businesses communicate in the modern world. With ever-increasing functionality that is unmatched, a hosted PBX provides incredible benefits to businesses the world over. The global PBX industry is expected to grow exponentially from USD 4.73 billion in 2018 to USD 9.50 billion by 2023. This increase in market worth is proof enough that cost efficiency, easy setup and deployment, and the reliability of hosted PBX's are the recipe for business success.