Portal Overview

My Account Portal sections and their functions.

Portal Guide - Number Porting

Number porting is the process in which a number can be transferred to and used on your VoIP service. On this page, ports in progress can be reviewed for status updates, or new number ports can be submitted.

Portal Guide - Number Routing

The number routing page includes new number orders, phone number destination changes, and IPND address setup.

Portal Guide - PBX Extensions and Sip Trunks

A SIP Trunk or PBX extension is an internal number on the voice server that allows you to connect one device. On this page, new extensions can be created, existing extensions can be reconfigured or removed and extension call routing to voicemails or diverts setup.

Portal Guide - Voicemail

A voicemail box provides a caller with a way to leave a message if, for example, a call is missed. This page provides options to create and manage mailboxes, and retrieve any messages left.

Portal Guide - Call History

Call history provides a way to review and search for any inbound or outbound calls on your MaxoTel VoIP service, along with call cost and recordings (if enabled).

Portal Guide - External Numbers

External numbers allows for mobile, landline and other types of phone numbers to be added to your PBX as either routing targets or queue and ring group members.

Portal Guide - Queues

Call queues take incoming calls and place them in line to be answered by a group of extensions, while playing hold music to the caller.

Portal Guide - Ring Groups

A ring group is a collection of extensions or external numbers that will be called.

Portal Guide - IVR

An IVR is a menu callers can navigate with the phone keypad. These are commonly used for a main company phone number, to provide the caller with options to reach a specific department.

Portal Guide - Sounds and Sound Events

Sounds are used in many places across a PBX, from greetings to general announcements. Sound events allow routing to an announcement as part of the PBX call flow, before sending the call to a queue, ring group, or other destination.

Portal Guide - Address Book

Address books allow you to centrally manage contact directories, which can be synced to a Yealink handset or Cloud Softphone appplication.

Portal Guide - Hold Music

Hold music allows you to add your own custom tracks, for example advertisements, that are played to callers while they're holding.

Portal Guide - Conferencing

Conferences rooms allow multiple people to join in a call, for example when conducting a staff meeting.

Portal Guide - Speed Dials

A speed dial is a customisable shortcut number, which can be used to easily access frequent contacts, or specific queues, etc. on the system.

Portal Guide - Page Groups

A page group is a group of handsets that, when the page group is dialled, automatically answer a call on speakerphone. This is useful as an intercom, or if there are general announcements that should be immediately heard by all parties.

Time Switch Setup

Time switches can change the destination of incoming callers, automatically based on time of day rules, or manually from a connected handset.