10 Benefits of Hosted Voice over IP VS. Alternative Phone Systems - Part 1 of 2

Published Jan 11, 2019

Majority of the organisations are currently moving over to Hosted Voice-Over-IP as the communication instrument for their business transactions. You may wonder why such a thing is happening. Well, it is as a result of so many benefits which they will be enjoying. Such benefits like; flexibility, reliability, cost, convenience, and so many other benefits.

No matter the size of your organisation, if you are using the Hosted Voice, you are likely to save a huge sum on phone bills monthly. That is why; it is not a surprise that the VoIP market estimated growth annually is over 15%. Moreover, if VoIP bundles with different business tools such as fiber-optic Internet Connectivity, you are sure of uptime and reliability.

However, some Companies that don't have the in-house technical know-how or large budget for their communications may try to remain with what they are familiar with. Even though they know the traditional vendor they are using is not perfect, they are scared of the unknown solution. If you want to know the benefits from going over to VoIP before making such capital investment, this article will help you.

Benefits of VoIP Over Phone Systems

Although most Companies prefer to use Hosted VoIP also referred to as "Hosted PBX," some of them prefer hosting internal VoIP. This internal hosting is commonly called "On-Premise" VoIP. Although this solution will provide you with more control, you will still need the upfront investment. Moreover, you still have to secure the appropriate technical expertise. To make things easy and simple for you, below are the analysed differences between premise-based PBX and Hosted VoIP. Note that these benefits considered organisational risks and business benefits no matter their sizes.

  • It makes Management Simpler

When you want to set-up a traditional system for your phones, you have to set-up an appointment with a good technician. This technician should come from the service company that will install your equipment. Moreover, the technician will have to do the specific wiring to suit your phone system. Although this situation is not on-going still, it carries stress the initial time you want to set up your phone system. However, the initial setting up of VoIP is quite easy. The only things you will need are switches for you LAN and handsets that will use the same connection. Although the vendor support may not be the same, connecting your business to the Hosted VoIP services takes minimum skills. Moreover, the internal expertise required is also minimal.

  • Benefits from the Contact Centre

Hosted VoIP can provide the needs of any business that performs their customer service through the phone. Moreover, it can take care of any size of contact centre ranging from a handful to hundreds of representatives working 24/7. If you secure the Hosted vendor that is in support of contact centre satisfaction, you can benefit;

  1. Unified communications which enable representatives to interact with their customers through email, phones, chat, and other ways.
  2. Monitoring and reporting which offers an easy way to monitor oversights and metric. Thus, enabling you to make smarter training and staffing decisions.
  3. IVR or Interactive Voice Recognition- This system will allow your clients to say their minds. It will also enable you to do away with the ancient push-button phone system. Moreover, you can route your calls directly to the appropriate person or department.

Faster call routing- Due to the maximum flexibility that VoIP offers in routing, you can now maximise the number of received calls. However, optimisation of your received calls should be in accordance to skill level, CSR training, and many other factors.