How to Select the Right Cloud Based PBX for your Business

Published Mar 21, 2019

As Australian businesses continue to have greater bandwidths available from new internet technologies across the country, an increased number of businesses are looking to the future with a cloud phone system (also known as a Hosted PBX, Virtual PBX or Cloud PBX) in place of the traditional landlines options with an onsite PABX. Internet services like high speed NBN, EoC, EFM and Fibre internet are becoming more accessible for many businesses and making the option for migrating to cloud based phone systems to take advantage of the increased reliability and cost savings, a more effective solution for business communications.

While the benefits of a cloud phone system are significant - they are also more flexible, allowing for staff to operate remotely while still being able to make and receive calls without the need of being in the office or at their desk, and in most cases are more often than not a more affordable solution for small businesses.

Is a Hosted PBX the right solution for your business?

It is important to first consider which phone system is right for you, to help you decide whether you should invest in a Hosted PBX or whether you should stay with a traditional PABX and landlines solution.

The next thing to consider is where your business is located, is it in a rural area where you know you have slow internet connection options, if that is the case, than it may not be the right choice to go with a cloud phone system, as they require a good internet connection. There are arguments that traditional PABX systems and landlines are more reliable than a Hosted PBX, but there are also many limitations to a traditional PABX - for instance, they typically have less redundancy in place and require the users to be located in the office to take advantage of the features.

If your business needs the flexibility for staff to work anywhere in the world, a Hosted PBX is a much more suitable communications solution for your business.

Another advantage of having a Cloud PBX is the significantly lower setup costs and manageable ongoing costs for businesses. This is especially true for small businesses or entrepreneurs that are just starting out, it is often a much more affordable solution.

If you are one of the many businesses across Australia that are still considering if a Hosted PBX is the right choice for your business, why not make the call to MaxoTel and talk to one or our friendly staff about how our Hosted PBX can improve your business telephony and save you money.