Is your Business Phone System ready for NBN?

Published Feb 5, 2019

As more and more Australian businesses are either moving voluntarily or in many cases moving due to the forced change of infrastructure to the NBN, there are many questions that are left for businesses as to how to handle phone systems. Most traditional PABX or phone systems are being left unusable and redundant for businesses that have moved to a NBN service. Leaving many businesses to ask the question of what are the options for a business phone system once they have moved to an NBN service.

The NBN rollout, although behind schedule, is rolling out all over Australia and is rendering the existing copper-line and ISDN phone services in these areas obsolete. These services are no longer supported by the major carriers and are being scheduled for disconnection. The flow on effect from these services no longer being supported is that most traditional phone systems are being left behind, rendered obsolete in many cases.

The concern for many businesses is that they have become used to the features that a PABX offered to the staff throughout the business and the way it can handle calls that come in, with the features like a time switches, IVR menu's and ring groups etc.

In many cases the cost for purchasing and installing the existing phone system typically was very high and represented a significant investment. These concerns have businesses unsure what steps to take to make sure they can meet the business' needs and avoid spending another large amount of capital to implement a new business phone system.

The great news for many businesses is that there is no need to sacrifice on features or have a large capital expense if they are considering the move to a Hosted PBX. A Hosted PBX or Cloud PBX from MaxoTel has the same features that a typical traditional PABX has, plus many other features that allow for a business to move to a more streamlined and modern way of operating. All the expected features like IVR menus, Voicemail, Queues, Greetings and Ring Groups are included with MaxoTel Hosted PBX. Some of the other features that make it a very appealing option is the ability to connect a handset from almost anywhere in the world with an internet connection, that allows for a single phone system to be used for a multi office business or even for staff to work remotely from home or on the road.

The costs of a Hosted PBX is a monthly cost, based on the number of users on the phone system, that allows for scale and growth as required. This also removes the majority of large capital expense that is the case when you have an on premise PBX or PABX phone system. With a MaxoTel hosted phone system, typically your only up-front cost is the handsets. The lower costs for setup and installation, along with the ability to grow with a businesses needs makes a Hosted PBX a perfect solution for businesses that are moving to an NBN connection and will be losing the traditional PSTN landlines or ISDN services.

When switching to a Hosted PBX, a business can keep their existing numbers by "porting" them to Maxo. Porting is as simple as completing an online form. Additionally, new phone numbers can be provided anywhere in the country, regardless of where you're located. This is great for businesses that may want to have a Perth number for a Melbourne-based business. It allows for a local presence, but have a Melbourne based team answering and handling the inbound calls. It also means that that, should you move location, you don't need to relocate the existing numbers, saving time and money and time. In most cases it's as simple as picking up the handsets and moving them to your new premises, after a broadband connection has been installed.

If you are a business that is moving to NBN in the near future or want to get ahead of the change, contact the team at MaxoTel about a Hosted PBX solution for your business today.