Moving forward with a Hosted PBX

Published Jun 7, 2019

For many businesses change is generally greeted with careful consideration, as it means staff training and process adjustments, both of which are not always an easy task for a business. The ability for businesses to stay up to date and utilise the benefits that often come hand in hand with the migration to new technology generally brings with it many rewards. The trouble for businesses though is being able to decipher the facts from the fiction around the new technologies. One of the most impactful technology products that many businesses are migrating to currently are VoIP Telephony and Hosted PBX (cloud phone system) services, these service types have their fair share of misconceptions around usage and simplicity of configuration for business usage.

The majority of businesses that are considering the move to a Hosted PBX are currently using a legacy on premise phone system and while it handles basic call flows with ease, that is about all the features that are offered. The issue for many of these businesses is not the lack of features on the existing phone system, but rather the reliability of a new Hosted PBX. It is the great unknown that generates the most concern for businesses, with many businesses not even being aware that they have the ability of testing the call quality of a Hosted PBX to judge the suitability before committing to a full migration from the old onsite system.

Hosted PBX's use VoIP (Voice of Internet Protocol) for making and receiving calls, this means that they use the existing internet connection or private data link for transmitting calls. The common concern with this is that the call quality may be affected if the internet is over utilised or is not working at full capacity, this is definitely a factor worth consideration and that is why when you approach a reputable Hosted PBX provider they will conduct an audit for suitability. The great news for many businesses though, is that an internet service with as little as a 1/1mbps speed, is capable of between 10 to 15 concurrent calls, depending on the quality of the link of course. This means that almost all businesses with an NBN internet service are a prime candidate for a Hosted PBX.

As Australian businesses continue to have access to more quality and higher speed internet services, they can also continue to migrate legacy phone systems to more feature rich, reliable, scalable and more accessible Hosted PBX solutions, allowing businesses of all sizes to have the features of a corporate phone system at an affordable price. By partnering with the right Hosted PBX and VoIP provider any business can introduce the right telecommunications solution for their business, for now and for the future.