VOIP is the Future of Business Communications

Published Oct 18, 2018

End of Life for ISDN

In Sept 2016, Telstra announced that it would decommission all ISDN products by 2022 with the U.K following suit with full decommissioning by 2025. During this time, it is estimated that the NBN Co rollout will cover 92% of Australian premises. Therefore, companies who are still using an ISDN telecommunication system have limited time to find an alternative solution and to plan a successful migration. Businesses are engaging managed service providers (MSP’s) to set up and manage PBX telephone systems and VOIP phone systems that are far superior to the old on-site telephone system that rely on ISDN or physical phone lines. It may seem like there’s plenty of time to make the transition to VOIP, but delays may prove costly and will cause anguish later if the switch is left to the last minute.

Make the Move From ISDN to VOIP

The supporting technologies for ISDN are fast nearing end of life and businesses should heed the warning and make the switch to a cloud PBX and VOIP a business priority. With the global VOIP market projected to exceed USD 156.5 billion by 2024, it's clear that this a worldwide trend that will mould how business is conducted in the future.

The move to a hosted VOIP phone system could save your business approximately 90% on current phone charges every month. Hosted PBX presents an opportunity to gain financial advantage over competitors who may be slow to make the change. The business telephone system industry is experiencing the transition first-hand and brisk business with the majority of companies now insisting on hosted VOIP business phone systems.

Lower Costs, Increased Productivity and Improved Customer Service

Hosted service providers offer cloud PBX phone systems that significantly lower your company's communication costs and simultaneously promote your business strengths. Businesses of all sizes enjoy huge benefits after shifting to virtual PBX. Small business VOIP telephone systems have very similar functionality to systems employed by large corporations, and thereby reduce the competitive advantage. Hosted communication services provide multiple benefits such as:

?      A professional, seamless customer experience

?      Easy setup and deployment

?      Voicemail- no missed calls with an advanced voicemail feature that sends voicemail directly to your email or mobile

?      SMS messaging- convenient computer to mobile SMS capabilities with hosted PBX products

?      Multi-participant conference calling for optimum productivity

?      Call queuing ensures that every call gets answered

?      Office functionality at home or on the road

?      Fax to email- keep your existing fax numbers and dispose of your fax machine with fax-email capabilities that allow faxes to be sent directly to your email inbox as PDF documents

?      One call gives clients access to the whole company across multiple sites regardless of the geographical location of the office

?      24/7 technical support, removing the need for an in-house IT department

The way that business is conducted is changing, and unless companies change with the times, they run the risk of being left behind. The future of business communications is more fluid now than ever before. With the global PBX industry expected to increase from USD 4.73 billion in 2018 to USD 9.50 billion by 2023, it is clear that cost efficiency, easy setup and deployment, and reliability of hosted PBX’s is the way to go.