What is the Meaning of Cloud Phone Systems?

Published Dec 3, 2018

You can say that cloud phone systems means VoIP {Voice Over IP}. It is a business platform that bases on telephone hosted by third-party providers like Maxotel. A cloud phone system generally provides telephony and advanced security features. Such features like; conference bridges, extension dialling, and auto attendants.

Short History Prior to Cloud Phone System

Phone systems have been in existence for a very long time for businesses. In short, they came out before the internet. The least of their uses is to help enterprises have their main phone line. Also, business phone systems are used to interact with employees. However, in the mid-'90s, the business phone system changed to VoIP. As a result, most Companies can now install telephony software on their server. Also, they can now connect phones to their server through the IP network.

However, medium-sized or small businesses carrying out their phone systems needs IT overheads. Such overheads like; buying SIP trunking or PRIs service to connect to PSTN {public switched telephone network}, custom configuration, security measures, and maintenance. So that you avoid these IT overheads, OnSIP which is a cloud system for phones started hosting software to benefit businesses. Moreover, this system can be bought through the internet.

Advantages of the Cloud Phone System

  • Affordable

The main advantage that Cloud Phone System has over your Hosting is its low cost. With a Cloud system, you are reducing the money and time you would have spent on installing a phone system. Furthermore, it is more of selecting your hosted email service, like Gmail instead of producing your own. You can avoid buying the server for the hosting, the PRI service and SIP trunking needed for the connection. Moreover, you can also skip the time you would have spent on security, upgrades, and configuration.

  • Maximum Security

If you are not careful with your system, it is easy to hack your VoIP. Moreover, VoIP hackers can take over your phone systems and make calls with your money. However, well-known cloud system providers take it as their priority to provide higher security services.

  • Easy to Use

The providers of Cloud phone systems provide administrative portals to ensure easy operations. In short, any team member assigned to make any changes can do it by clicking. Moreover, most businesses prefer it to wait for a particular IT resource to do their complex configurations.

  • Upgraded Integrations and Features

The providers of Cloud phone systems offer building calling attributes to help the work environment communications. For instance, a provider of Hosted phone system may provide a web phone which you can log on to anywhere. The provider can also offer integration by using your CRM to ensure automated logging. Furthermore, the provider can provide the click-to-call application to enable you to start up calls by just clicking. When you select the appropriate cloud phone system, it can benefit your business. It can save your business resources and streamline processes.

  • Remote Working and Scalability

Overall, using the Cloud Phone System can help your remote workers and also scale with the business. Moreover, since the hosting of this service is through the internet, employees working from remote areas can register with their phones. Currently, more than 4 million remote workers across the globe are benefiting from this service.

How to make your Choice of a Cloud Phone System

When you want to make your choice of a cloud phone system, you have to consider the size of your business, budget, and business needs. Furthermore, there is the need to look into the reputation of your provider. Regardless of how many employees your business has, it is advisable to go to Maxotel for business grade services and they also cater VoIP residential services.


Although choosing the appropriate VoIP may be strenuous, we made it easier with this article. At least now, you are aware of what you are going into with this system.